Easy Mother’s Day crafts even Dad can do

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When it comes to surprising Mom for Mother’s Day, few things are more heartwarming than handmade crafts from the kids.

But what starts as a good intention can quickly become loud and messy — becoming more trouble than it’s worth. Plus, Mom won’t appreciate the cleanup or the rambunctious children that follow.

To make something meaningful, without all the grief, here are five easy crafts for a range of ages.

As a note, all of these crafts require parental supervision, and for the most part, the kiddos might need some help from Dad along the way.

No matter how they turn out, these handmade gifts are sure to be a hit for years to come.

Handprint Flower Bookmarks

Ages: Toddler+


  • Craft or safety scissors
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Markers
  • Washable paint
  • Foam sheets
  • Felt glue


Color or paint the popsicle sticks green, to resemble the stem of a flower. Set aside and let them dry completely.

Trace your children’s hands onto the foam paper. Draw some leaves onto a piece of green foam paper. Cut out the handprints and leaves, and flip them over to hide any remaining marker left on the shapes.

Glue the handprints to the top of each popsicle stick, and then glue a couple leaves to the base of each stick. Repeat until all your bookmarks are complete.

Add a note, decorate the flowers, or present them to Mom as is!

No-glue Flower Pot

Ages: 3+


  • Markers, paints, glitter pens, etc.
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Thick rubber bands
  • Tin or coffee can
  • Ribbon
  • Soil
  • Flowers


Decorate your popsicle sticks with markers, paint, glitter pens, stickers or whatever else you have on hand. Set them aside.

Take a thick rubber band and wrap it around the tin can, so it lays flat against the can.

One by one, place a popsicle stick underneath the rubber band, so it also lays flat against the can. Repeat until the can is completely covered with popsicle sticks. If needed, add another rubber band to provide extra security and keep the popsicle sticks in place.

Cover the rubber band by wrapping a thick ribbon around the can, over the rubber band. Tie it in a knot and then a bow. Trim extra ribbon.

Fill the can with soil, and plant a flower inside. Present to Mom with a card and a hug!

Coupon Bouquet

Ages: 3+


  • Jumbo popsicle sticks
  • Regular and mini cupcake liners
  • Craft or safety scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Permanent marker
  • Glass jar or vase
  • Sand, marbles or decorative glass stones


Take one regular cupcake liner and one mini liner. Flip them inside-out so the design is on the inside. Stack the mini liner inside the regular liner, and glue them together to create a cupcake liner “flower.” Glue the flower to the top of a popsicle stick. Set aside to dry.

Repeat this process to create as many flowers as you like.

Once your flowers are dry, write the coupon prize on the bottom of each stick, such as a big hug, phone-free time together, free chores or anything else your mom loves to receive from you.

Fill the jar with sand, or other decorative materials and stick each flower inside the jar to create a bouquet effect. The sand should cover the writing on each stick, so the prize is kept hidden until it’s pulled out of the sand and redeemed.

Tie a ribbon around the mouth of the jar, and you’re done!

Handmade Gemstone Bracelets

Ages: 6+


  • 8mm gemstone beads
  • Elastic jewelry cording
  • Clear nail polish or super glue


Select your gemstone beads. A few common ones are: amethyst, which represents serenity; citrine, which represents positivity and cheer; rose quartz, which represents love; aventurine, which represents luck and prosperity; and black tourmaline, which represents protection.  

Cut a 12-inch piece of elastic cord, so you have plenty of room to work. Then measure the wrist by wrapping the elastic cord around it, and add about an inch longer of extra cord; you’ll add enough beads to cover that length. The average size for a woman’s bracelet is 7 inches.

Add a paperclip to one end of the cord, to stop the beads from sliding off. Begin stringing the beads until they cover enough cord to fit the wrist.

Remove the paperclip, and tie the ends together in multiple tight knots. Using super glue or clear nail polish, coat the knot. Hold the bracelet while it dries. Then cut the excess cord.

Now you have a beautiful bracelet for Mom!

Rose Petal Sugar Scrub

Homemade edible coconut rose sugar scrub on light background, top view. Making home product cosmetics concept. Flat lay

Ages: 12+


  • 1 C dried rose petals
  • 2 C sugar
  • ⅔ C coconut oil
  • Essential oils
  • Pretty piece of fabric
  • Ribbon


Lay out rose petals on a wire cooling rack until they are completely dried. This could take a day or two.

Once dried, take 1 cup of petals and put in a food processor. Pulse until they’re the size of small flakes. Add 2 cups of sugar, ⅔ cup of coconut oil and 6-8 drops of essential oils — such as lavender, lemon or vanilla — to the rose petals. Blend until well mixed.

Spoon into a large mason jar. Cut a square of fabric and place it on top of the jar. Using only the ring of the lid, screw on the ring so the fabric is held tightly in place.

Tie a ribbon around the lid, and you’re done! You have a beautiful, luxurious sugar scrub for Mom!

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