What’s next for Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods current official PGA TOUR headshot (Photo by Caryn Levy/PGA TOUR)

I can’t stop thinking about the Masters. I was drawn to the television in a way I hadn’t been in a very long time. For Tiger Woods to come back and win his fifth Green Jacket was a truly remarkable feat.

But, were you happy to see him win?

One of the marks of a true icon is that most people have an opinion about you, one way or another. Woods certainly falls under this category. There seems to be no middle ground with him. Either you love him, or you hate him.

The growing sentiment seems to be that most golf fans love Woods. Any tournament he plays in attracts the largest galleries and the highest television ratings.

However, in spite of the enormous love felt for him, there are still many people out there who will never be a fan of his.

I am convinced that those who continue to despise Woods have made up their minds years ago that they will never root for him. Sure, he has had numerous episodes in the past that give plenty of reason to see him in a negative light.

He was never cordial with his fans the way Phil Mickelson was. He wasn’t particularly friendly with the media, either. And to top it all off, we all experienced the infamous scandal on Thanksgiving night in 2009.

Fast forward to now, and the Woods story becomes an even greater one than we may realize. During the period of his scandal, Woods was viewed negatively because of his public persona.

He didn’t seem to care what anybody thought of him. The years following his scandal were focused more on the health of his back. It’s been well documented that he went through a period where he could not get out of bed, let alone tie his own shoes.

He showed signs of playing good golf, but it was assumed by most that his days as a championship golfer were in the past.

Today, I view Woods as an improved human being.

To withstand the tabloid humiliation he brought on himself is remarkable. On top of that, to persevere through the multiple back surgeries and work his way back to his current level is unimaginable. From a mental standpoint, Woods suffered from the chipping “yips” a few years ago. HE COULDN’T CHIP!

For those who choose to continue their dislike for Woods, you are allowed your own opinion.

I, however, choose to credit Tiger Woods for the person he seems to be these days. I see a loving father, and a man who has been humbled beyond belief.

I can’t wait to see what will happen next in his remarkable journey.

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