Gregory Whitney | Missing the Point on Education

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Since overpaid college administrators and the declining birth rate seem to be on a collision course, I hoped The Signal’s (education coverage) would explore the possible future of higher education. (“The rising cost of higher education,” April 14.)

Instead, The Signal bemoaned the familiar themes of growing costs, higher student debt and applying for local scholarships. Nowhere did The Signal acknowledge the ability of the California ScholarShare 529 plan to fund future higher education through payroll deductions, harnessing capitalism and the power of compound interest. 

If Hillary Clinton was right in saying it takes a village to raise a child then childless people should be encouraged to fund a CA 529 plan for their favorite niece or nephew, close young family friend or even an orphan. Current California legislative bills would provide tax deductions for 529 plan contributions and allow rent payment from 529 plan funds.

Gregory Whitney


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