C. Norman Allen | Prevent Freebies for All: Vital to U.S. Economy

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

As citizens of the United States of America we enjoy and expect to have opportunities and certain freedoms provided to us as is guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights that were initiated by our founding fathers. Each of us was given the unalienable rights as citizens to improve our lives, businesses, and to pursue our religious beliefs with freedoms and convictions of safe protection under the laws that governed us.

These liberties and freedoms were offered to all citizens (specified with the 14th Amendment) of this new nation and they are an important element of our character as a people and as a world nation. 

But certain factions of our political party system now view these freedoms and liberties as obligatory handouts to be freely given away like candy to anyone who comes into this country by any illegal means possible. 

This not only tears away at the carefully crafted fabric of our Constitution, but erodes the society of what our citizens have evolved to in over 240 years of our country’s existence.

Our southern border has been a situation of crisis for decades and it’s only been through the efforts of President Trump that something is finally being done about it. It is undeniable that many other presidents talked about it, but none acted; very likely out of fear of the backlash and the predictable battle.

With the cooperation of the border security personnel and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), we are getting mutual cooperation and help from Mexico in detaining and preventing the multiple caravans and widespread crossings of our borders by illegal immigrants that was so rampant recently. 

Also, we are finally enforcing deportation orders of illegal criminals who were legally served notice to leave a long time ago but ignored the lawful orders. These same people had their day in court, had their judicial process duly considered, but chose to disregard to remain illegal residents of America. 

President Trump and all concerned citizens are truly trying to keep our borders secure and our nation’s citizens safe as it should be and as is being done by all other countries throughout the world.

The prominent Democrats, however, have made it clear that we should be gifting unregulated entrance, free health care, free education, free housing, cash assistance, and now, state and federal voting rights. 

It gets worse; Sen. Scott Weiner, D-San Francisco, just introduced Senate Bill 288 to allow illegal aliens and non-citizens to hold leadership positions in state political parties. The Democrats’ majority like this. 

Democrats’ message is that all intruders of our country are to receive all great offerings from our country. Don’t get me wrong; anyone who comes into this country legally and applies for citizenship and language education to serve in our society has my blessing for a better life and all the opportunities that come with it. But those who come here fueled by the promise of free housing, medical care and education, and other handouts, are being used as pawns by the Democratic Party to gain power to move their agenda of higher taxes to fund their outlandish and economically crippling ideas. 

When uncontrolled hordes of people come into a country who require massive amounts of care and maintenance that takes away the funding needs for our own citizens and programs designed to help them, it begins to erode our economy and puts us in jeopardy of losing all that we have gained in the last two and a half years under the current administration. 

Think of it as how your own finances would fare if 15 uninvited house guests showed up at your door for an extended stay and offered no means of compensation to help with all the things they were using and needing to stay comforted indefinitely.

These real examples are why America needs to keep our southern border secure. We need to stop the idea of giving away “freebies” to illegal immigrants and non-citizens. Free stuff must be paid for by U.S. citizens in the form of higher taxes and/or reduced funding for essential parts of our nation’s defense and security. This hurts us all and eventually the booming economy would bust due to higher taxation, layoffs and unfavorable business moves.

Don’t let the rhetoric of “free goodies” fool you. We all need to get what we earn and be happy knowing that we have accomplished the improvements to our lives on our own and not just a giveaway with a false promise of prosperity for all. 

It also means that the ones who haven’t earned their own don’t deserve to take from others!

C. Norman Allen is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among several local Republicans.

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