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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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At a time when the news is filled with sad accounts of robberies and mayhem, it is refreshing to salute those who do believe in honesty. 

Recently I went shopping at Valley Marketplace on Newhall Ranch Road. The next day I realized that my wallet was missing from my purse, a sinking feeling indeed! I must confess that my ego was bruised for neglectfully allowing somebody to lift my wallet out of my open purse. 

I had to face the destabilizing fact that my important identification documents were gone and that they had to be replaced one by one. My husband kindly offered to drive me Valley Marketplace, since I no longer had a driver’s license.

What happened next stunned me and restored my faith in an honest society. Inside the store, before I could open my mouth, a young man looked at me and said, “I have your wallet! I was gong to drive it to your house on my way home.” 

Trent, who is a manager at Valley Marketplace, explained that a customer had found it in a pushcart and immediately turned it in, intact! I wish I knew who that person is so I could thank him or her personally.

It is wonderful to know that such people, hopefully still many, walk the streets of the Santa Clarita Valley. This great example of integrity certainly warms the heart.

Daniél  Kosanke


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