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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

A huge round of applause to the city of Santa Clarita and all who are responsible for the continued expansion of our already amazing trail system! Sunday afternoon (June 30) I hiked the Taylor Trail in Rivendale Ranch, which by my calculations is now about a 2.75-mile loop of easy to moderate terrain from the Towsley Canyon parking lot back to the Towsley Canyon parking lot. The newest section replaces a steep and boring road with a much more scenic and gradual trail that hugs the hillside. I’ve attached photos from the new section that highlights a unique burnt-out tree that could easily be part of a haunted Halloween display. Until now I’ve never been able to get the perspective for these shots.

Along the way I spotted a butterfly and rabbit. Sights like this make hiking on a 90-plus-degree Sunday afternoon worthwhile.

The section that parallels the southbound Interstate 5 demonstrates the stark contrast between the incredible beauty that is available to all of us in our precious open spaces and the reality of our everyday hectic lives.

Thank you for preserving this treasure for us and future generations to enjoy.

Jack Crawford


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