James Loken | Garcia Column Gets Failing Grade

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Mike Garcia (guest commentary, July 13) is engaging in a form of communication that is common through time — label your opponent in a way that makes them dangerous and scary and unlike “us.”

Leftist extremist? If you have ever met and listened to Katie Hill that would never enter your mind.  The real danger is we can’t stop escalating the rhetoric like this article that can’t recognize the truth in the position of someone we disagree with.  

Is there nothing American in addressing border issues with something more than a wall? Detention camps that separate families? And ICE raids?  

Border security is essential. Distortion and fear-mongering are not. Lies and pretending don’t make us great. Honest, respectful debate does. Katie Hill shines in that measure and Mr. Garcia failed the test.  

James Loken

Santa Clarita

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