Betty Arenson | Smith Not Delivering as Promised

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The rational thought is that when a person is elected to represent the people of a certain district, that elected official would do just that — represent constituents for their better good. We are not getting that in Assemblywoman Christy Smith, who was sent to Sacramento to represent those of us in the 38th District.

One of her very first votes was for House Resolution 1, which was designed to shut down the reading of any new bill that is presented to a committee. If that chairperson doesn’t want a bill read or discussed, it’s dead. It would seem, in a supposedly democratic process, elected officials should be able to present their bills for consideration. Not so in Sacramento now with this super-majority.

Smith had a chance to vote for Assembly Bill 162 (the text tax), which was a bill (that would) stop the state from taxing people for each text sent. Christy Smith abstained from voting AB162, i.e., did NOT take a stand and vote for NOT taxing texts. The bill failed but be assured it will be back.

A few days ago there was a vote taken on Assembly Constitutional Amendment 1. If it had passed in the Assembly and then the Senate it would be on the 2020 ballot. ACA1 would have lowered the required two-thirds threshold vote to a 55% threshold allowing bureaucrats to pass new taxes on us. Moreover, there’s a language change to not only allow cities and counties to tax you but also stretched to include “special districts.” That means any school district, water district, sanitation district, etc., would also have their hands in our wallets.

Christy Smith abstained from voting; again, she did not take a stand to NOT make it easier to tax us.

Abstaining is not representation. It’s weak, cowardice and protecting oneself from a record. 

Betty Arenson

Santa Clarita

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