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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This is in response to John Boston’s column on Aug. 23, “John Boston | 2019: Writhing in The ‘Hideous Ecstasy’ of Hate.” I responded to John Boston’s prior column on Aug. 9, “Shall We Merrily Move to Impeach Rep. Katie Hill,” because I considered that it was one of those “nasty, self-righteous diatribes” (to quote Mr. Boston in this latest column).  

Now, I’d like to congratulate my favorite local humorist on this later work. His column is well thought out and very well crafted to get a positive message across that is not partisan and makes a moving statement against hateful speech. 

Please keep it up, John. I know we’re on totally opposite sides politically, but I have hope that we can aspire to meaningful dialog in the spirit you have shown. Thank you.

Duane Mooring 


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