Gary Morrison | Boston Has Gone All ‘Fox News’

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It’s such a pity. I’ve read John Boston’s columns for years. I saw myself as his “Saddle Pal” on his journeys through Santa Clarita’s past. Then he went all “Fox News”! 

Now his columns could be written by Tucker Carlson. 

In his Aug. 9 contribution, he repeats the claim that the investigations into President Trump have produced “zero, goose egg,” facts leading to impeachment. To quote DJT, “Sad.”

It is painfully obvious that DJT has never read the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights. His only concern seems to be about his TV ratings for “The Apprentice, White House edition.” 

As for no facts, by my count, there have been three trials with conviction and jail time. More than 30 indictments, trial to follow. The odds that all the jury and grand jury members were “Never  Trumpers” is astronomical. 

Repeatedly saying that they “have nothing to hide” while refusing to let witnesses and documents be made available looks surprisingly just like they are hiding everything. 

John Boston’s recent columns can be summed up in (several) sentences or sentence fragments.

1. Republicans good, Democrats bad!

2. Conservatives good, liberals bad!

3. It can’t be wrong if, or when, a Republican does it.

All the rest is commentary.

Gary Morrison


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