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Letters to the Editor
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Every person in this country should be able to breathe clean air, have affordable energy bills, see the benefits of a strong, thriving local economy and know they’ve done their part to help thwart impending climate disaster. This is why two of our local Sierra Club activists brought a flowering plant when we met with Rep. Katie Hill’s Senior Field Representative Jonathan Ahmadi this week to urge Rep. Hill to grow the Green New Deal by co-sponsoring the 100% Clean Economy Act.

Santa Clarita is about to expand with a massive new housing development over an old oil field. The accompanying freeway gridlock, pollution and strain on water supplies are issues the 100% Clean Economy Act will address. It will address accessible transportation systems, heat stations, introduction of white surfaces to repel heat, localized green industry with accompanying family-sustaining wages and health care, and access to cheaper solar installations and electric car tax incentives.

The 100% clean economy legislation is an opportunity for Hill to tackle the climate crisis while creating a new energy system that lifts up communities facing the worst of the climate crisis while driving “Made in America” innovation.

With this bill to transition to 100% clean energy, our representative can show she is listening to her constituents and taking action. We ask Rep. Hill to cosponsor the bill and also hold a town hall to address local climate issues and strategies for tackling them in a town hall. We thank Rep. Hill her concern about a problem that affects every living being.

Nancy Oliver Flores

Santa Clarita

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