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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This letter is in response to C. Norman Allen’s Sept. 14 opinion, “Climate Change Hysteria a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.” I read Mr. Allen’s very emotional column and want to thank him for making his concerns public. I would like to suggest several thoughts or approaches to Mr. Allen so he might review the data and ponder a bit. Perhaps he may even change his mind on what really is at stake.

One of Mr. Allen’s comments was, “The only problem is that they don’t make it clear what we have to give up; like our freedoms on everything.”

That statement really reached me. I see the whole issue of climate change/global warming as a very real threat that is and will cause us harm beyond my imagination. We will not give up our freedoms. They will be significantly altered or taken by the effects of climate change — even from those fossil fuel tycoons who tried to shield their deeds by stating oil is not causing anything harmful. They will find their freedoms changed, limited, along with the rest of us.

I recently received mail from Southern California Edison. It is an update: “Power Shutoffs to Help Prevent Wildfires.” It states, “As Californians, we are witnessing the alarming impact of climate change in the form of bigger, more devastating wildfires…” Even our utility company states climate change is happening.

I would encourage Mr. Allen to look at the documentary entitled “Dr. Keeling’s Curve.” As the information about the documentary states, Mike Farrell (from “M*A*S*H”) portrays atmospheric scientist David Keeling (1928-2005) whose work gave the world its first early warnings about the dangers of human-induced global warming. Scientists know about climate change/global warming. The raging wildfires, rising seas, droughts and the migration patterns worldwide are bound by climate change. Scientists have this information. Scientists are hoping someone will listen and change their behavior so we all will be able to have a life of some kind.

You may wish to read a bipartisan bill that is working its way through the House. It is HR 763. This legislation is aimed at reducing the use of carbon by changing to alternative sources of energy and taxing carbon at its source, such as a mine or an oil well. As carbon is taxed at its source, corporations will adjust their prices. The fees collected at the source will be refunded to the consumer. Carbon Fee and Dividend promoted by Citizens’ Climate Lobby is at the forefront of carbon pricing legislation. British Columbia has been using this approach for years and it is benefiting the Canadian people. You can read about HR 763 online and ponder its benefits to humankind before it is too late.

Susann Rizzo


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