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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In response to Rep. Katie Hill’s visit to Littlerock High School: It is easier to convince high school students on the popular vote, than it is to challenge their critical thinking of political ideologies. 

As I taught my children: Doing the right thing is often not popular. Decidedly more difficult and time-consuming is researching multiple points of view and comparing and contrasting with historical facts, not merely consuming the popular narrative of the day. 

I strongly suggest the newspapers conduct community polls with fair and equal representation of the voters, to determine the percentages of those who are pro or con impeachment of our duly elected president. 

Our congressional district must be fairly represented, and I suspect Congresswoman Hill is not doing a fair job. I also suggest the editors host debates between the incumbent and challenger(s) in each of our communities.

Ceci Hoerner


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