Lois Eisenberg | A Short-Lived Promise on Jobs

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

President Trump’s promise that there would be a surge in manufacturing, and there would be an increase in jobs, seems to be short-lived.

The states that put Trump into office are going to be hit the hardest during this recent plunge in manufacturing and this recession is going to affect other sectors.

The common definition of a recession is what is happening to manufacturing now after it shrank over two straight quarters this year.

The month of September 2019 shows the deepest decline in manufacturing since June 2009.

To add to this distressing news, manufacturing employment has stalled.

The job growth, which was semi-healthy, shows that jobs have taken a slight drop.

Other businesses have felt the pinch and will continue to do so as long as excessive use of tariffs and Trump’s trade wars with China and other countries continue.

Trump’s off-and-on-again negotiations, and Trump’s lack of definite plans, purpose or pattern will hinder manufacturing now and in the near future, and that is going to be a monumental job to retrieve.

The tariffs are a major culprit and a major “blunt instrument” to fend off the lack of manufacturing that we are experiencing now.

The consensus is that this is Trump’s own doing, and rightfully so, and this shows the weakness of the man and his rhetoric.

Lois Eisenberg 


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