Betty Arenson | Katie Hill, Pardons and Impeachment

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Philip Wasserman’s commentary of Nov. 7, “A messy Divorce Gets Messier with Release of Photos,” was an organized and well-structured summary of Katie’s Hill’s latest story, absent the references to President Trump.

Talk about ill-fitting.

Mr. Wasserman makes the comment, “If convicted of a state crime, he (Kenny Heslep) could not be pardoned by President Trump.” He later makes a comment about there being no impeachment process in place for a member of Congress “despite what President Trump may say or believe.”

To clarify: There are absolutely no indications that President Trump gives a flying flip about Heslep or Katie Hill’s divorce. The “pardon” matter is wholly inane; farther out than the proverbial left field. 

Secondly, I have yet to hear President Trump make one reference to or about Hill or her debacle, so it’s arrogant to assume he even thought of impeaching her.   

Otherwise, one of the many avowals Mr. Wasserman and I do agree on, is that Hill should not have resigned, proceeded through the House Ethics Committee probe, because she says she’s innocent of the charge, then let the people of the 25th Congressional District decide in the upcoming election.

Betty Arenson


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