Lois Eisenberg | Happy New Year. And Now…

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Now that Christmas is over, New Year’s Day is approaching and President Trump has undeniably become an impeached president, let’s concentrate on getting some work done such as health care, infrastructure, equality for all, and trying to realize that anti-Semitism and white supremacy are on the rise. 

We have a lawless president and his administration is thrashing the Constitution and the meaning of democracy. The GOP is putting their party first and not their country. Homelessness is in dire need of help, and we should be helping the border kids reunite with their parents, ban assault weapons, have better laws for gun control, and concentrate on the young people having a rewarding education — after all, they are our future. 

Stop voter suppression, be open-minded to progressive ideas, and don’t deny climate change, or that the seas are rising or that plastic is choking us to death, and be aware that windmills don’t cause cancer.

Please read Lisa McDougald’s column in The Signal: “5 reasons to ditch single-use plastic,” Dec. 26.

And get ready for a very nasty presidential campaign perpetrated by Trump and his ilk, who are on another warpath because of the impeachment.

Lois Eisenberg


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