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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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I feel so fortunate to live in the beautiful city of Santa Clarita, a well-managed city that continues to build and provide services to residents. However, some things should be addressed to improve the safety and tranquility of our surroundings. 

Unfortunately we have some discourteous, self centered, “want everybody to look at me” uncaring traffic law violators who cause safety and even frightful conditions on our roads and in our homes. They are the law -violating idiots we share the streets with and include: vehicle and motorcycle operators who greatly enhance the noise of their exhaust pipes (violation of California Vehicle Code, mandatory fine up to $1,000); speeders (CVS violation); boom box junkies (CVC violation); and blacked-out drivers windshield or front side windows (CVC violation). Giant altered vehicles raised to heights that put their headlights into normal-height vehicles at eye level and blind drivers (CVC violation); vehicles with giant wheels that extend beyond the vehicle wheel splash and stone protection (CVC violation). Their unprotected tires throw rocks that chip paint and break windshields.

With the help of city leaders, we can request that our outstanding Sheriff’s Department and Highway Patrol enforce the laws designed to protect us on the streets and in our homes. 

Those of us who live in senior citizen communities would be grateful to sleep through the night without the earth-shaking explosive exhaust noise that puts us on a full alert status just like an earthquake or explosion and makes sleep difficult. Rap music, or whatever it is called, emitting from vehicles with concert-size sound systems at full volume can cause similar shock to our delicate systems (even without our hearing aids on).

Sheriff’s enforcement would help cure the situation. 

Maynard Davis, Valencia

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