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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Jonathan Kraut’s light bulb has gone on again, although it is especially dim this time. But still, he has seen enough by its illumination to forecast the end of the world as we know it. By Mr. Kraut’s prophetic reading of the dice, the new Iranian superpower already has nukes and we should just give up and accept it, the western economies will be plunged into chaos, the U.S. will be shown as a humbled coward, and the sky will definitely fall. Let us all make a note to check his “facts” over the next few years, as he has warned us.

Current facts should help Mr. Kraut be able to breathe again. His fear (along with Joe Scarborough of “Morning Joke” fame and most of the Democratic media) about the “wrath of an irate and taunted Iranian regime” is that we should not ever “react” to any belligerent nations or groups that encourage the killing of our citizens and destruction of our nation lest they be further offended. According to this way of thinking, we are to respond to repeated violence with negotiation and gifts of appeasement.

Iran the terrible, in order to save face, fired multiple missiles at the temporary drone facility in Iraq, careful to avoid any areas where American personnel (or Iraqi for that matter) might be, and after warning us through Iraqi officials of the coming attack. This allowed Iranian leadership to do something that could be announced to their people as retaliation, and end the whole matter. Joe Scarborough, in fact, was the person who escalated the value of a minor general to the level of second highest public official in Iran, a surprise to all Iranians, but immediately repeated by all the MSNBC and CNN dupes. The Iranians were so incensed that the dead general was being honored by news outlets that they took to the streets to protest that he was a murderer and good riddance. In the midst of that black eye, Iran then had to eat its words of denial by finally admitting the downing of a passenger airliner taking off from Tehran. Far from “exacting a thoughtful and comprehensive reign of deadly revenge,” Iranian leaders are just trying to get out of the spotlight for a while.

Chuck Byers

Santa Clarita

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