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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Possibly someone with an iota of brain matter can explain the following to me. 

The Democrats, led by Adam Schiff, just finished holding a kangaroo court where they filed two articles of impeachment against President Trump.

In those hearings, the Republicans were not allowed to call witnesses and if the rules were not to the Democrats’ liking, they just changed them to suit the occasion. I always thought the accused had a fundamental right to confront his accusers in any court. But not in this hearing.

Fast forward to today where Nancy Pelosi, the good Catholic girl from San Francisco, goes to the podium demanding to know what and who will testify when the Senate starts its impeachment hearings. She wants to know all the rules that will be applied and dare say if the Senate dismisses the impeachment articles then the Republicans are engaged in a “cover-up”. How is it fair for Democrats and unfair for Republicans?

This hate thing has really gotten out of hand. The good people of the U.S. are the ones suffering from the idiotic impeachment hearings.

The district(s) that the congressmen represent are really taking a beating by these do-nothing politicians who have been sitting on their duffs trying to get rid of the president while their districts go to waste — especially the good citizens of Burbank and Glendale. If I lived in either of these cities I would want someone else as our representative.

Please explain this to me. Please, no spin rebuttals

And don’t forget to sign the RECALL Gov. Newsom petition. 

Just one taxpayer’s opinion

Dick Cesaroni, Saugus

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