Jim Horton | Our California Beset by Behavior Modification

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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The streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco are fouled with human waste. This is abhorrent. The so-called leadership of these two cities is clueless to effect change. Both cities used to things of beauty before liberal policies corrupted and tarnished their charm and elegance.

The benighted governor of California claims that the problem is a housing shortage. Many people from different perspectives have looked at the problem and offered other reasons. 

There is a part of human nature that allows people to repeat the behavior if they are allowed. 

Culver City is an interesting example. They do not allow the homeless to camp and thus they have no collection of itinerants.

Since the beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement, there has been a movement away from self-determination. To effect integration, President Johnson created federal boroughs to implement the change in assimilation that the administration felt needed to happen. 

Since that point, these monoliths have grown and multiplied to where today, nothing can be done without a huge borough, fortified with a staff to implement the policy.

People have allowed their freedoms to be taken from them for what they were told was the greater good. 

It should never be forgotten that there is no greater good than personal freedom. I tasted it as a youth when I was free to do as I wished as long as I got all my work done. Those were days of exhilaration when one idea flooded upon the next. When life was so full of promise that you knew you would never be able to taste it all.

Today we are weighed down with life that has been made so complicated that people are smothered under it. In effect, you and I have been victims of behavior modification that has changed how we think and in effect who we are. 

Every new idea is forced upon us as though it must be made part of our future, and that was the intent from the beginning; all designed. 

Compliance is a must and there is a price to pay if we do not abide.

Socrates came to understand the value of individual freedom and he passed his thoughts, rooted in wisdom, on to us.

Now it is time for us to step forward and reverse the course we are on and embrace a sense of true freedom on to us. 

We have both allowed our freedoms to be taken from us under a cloak of “it’s a good thing” or given them away in a continuance fashion with a small amount here and a small amount there.

The incremental dabs tend not to get our attention, then one day the sum total whacks us and we realize what has been taken from us. It is time to regain that most sacred part of our lives, PERSONAL FREEDOM.

For one example: Our world is replete with examples of what has been done and in most cases we hear and think that there is something wrong but we don’t act to do anything about it. 

When a college student is forbidden to speak out because his/her speech might offend someone, we should collectively make noise and demand that he or she be heard regardless of their views. That is the true substance of FREE SPEECH. Free speech cannot be defined by someone else’s rules. It will only thrive by its own impetus.

Most people follow preset patterns that have been laid down for us. Too often, these are not challenged and for our greater good, they should be. 

When did we become so hypersensitive that a single word is capable of driving us to distraction? When we surrender to this type of thinking, then out world shrinks and our freedoms come under attack. 

Freedom is a living, breathing part of life. When it is compromised our world is altered and not for the better. Our civilization is built on the labors of men who came before and in some cases paid the ultimate price for their forward thinking. 

Can we not emulate their example and reclaim our own future of freedom?

Jim Horton is a Valencia resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among several local Republicans.

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