Lois Eisenberg | Trump’s Budget Plan from Mars

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

President Trump’s new budget plan will be a “non-starter” for Congress, and after they read this budget plan that is understandable.

This budget plan, which looks like it was conceived on Mars, will be devastating and will cause human suffering. But what the heck, it will make our military strong and make all other social benefits hard to sustain.

Military spending will be $740.5 billion while all other budgets will be reduced to $590 billion, but what the heck, the military will be strong.

This cut alone will affect the existing student loan forgiveness program by $170 billion, the federal disability insurance benefits will be cut by $70 billion, foreign aid will be cut by 21%, giving Trump another $2 billion to add to his wall. Oh, by the way, Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall.

The “fly me to the the moon” and Mars new budget will increase NASA’s budget by 12%. Trump is denying climate change, and not caring about what we breathe, so the Environmental Protection Agency will incur a massive cut of 26% in their programs.

The EPA is supposed to help us Americans from any wrongdoing that will endanger our lives so we can live a healthy life, but the opposite is being done under this administration’s destructive agenda.

We can’t even sustain the quality of life living on this planet and the man is looking to the moon and Mars to sustain us.

Putting your life in the hands of this man’s theory that the “moon is part of Mars,” and that “windmills give you cancer,” then let him go with his swamp to the moon and Mars and leave the rest of us believers alone to make this planet habitable.

But what the heck, after everything is said and done, the military will be strong.

Lois Eisenberg


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