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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

When Donald Trump was running for president, he warned us of many things that were having a deleterious impact on our nation. The president warned us against unchecked illegal immigration. He rightly claimed that a country should have a border and an orderly immigration system where people applied and were granted permission to enter, or not. Today our borders are virtually shut here and throughout the world. Of course it’s due to the pandemic, but even in a non-pandemic situation how can people justify allowing people to enter this country illegally from anyplace in the world? Is it racist to want people checked for disease or for a criminal background before we allow entry? It’s not racist, it’s sound judgment! 

The president warned us against globalization. Today we see what happens when you have unchecked globalization and the call for supranational governments and organizations to influence our country. Goods that we used to make may not be available in the near term. Vital supplies that are necessary and needed for our country might suddenly start drying up as countries look inward. Our country is special and we need not dumb it down or accept less because “world leaders” and organizations demand it. We need not look at other countries all the time for “solutions” to our problems. Italy is an example of single-payer health care that appears to be not working out so well, especially for the elderly.

 And finally the president has been sounding the alarm about China. They steal our technology and our know-how and use it against us. They have a closed and tyrannical system, which no doubt has made the pandemic much worse. They now dominate many aspects of our supply chain and have recently threatened to cut us off or scale back our import of needed medications. They dominate the worldwide rare earth market because we’re too squishy to mine it ourselves. If you don’t understand the importance of rare earth minerals, please do some research. They are in fact VITAL to our national security. In short, they have us by a place where nobody wants to be had. We’ve turned over so much industry and so much technology that we now need them desperately for our basic needs. The president has talked non-stop about the need to bring back manufacturing and to eliminate the theft of our technology. The president wants to bring balance back into our trading posture. Who can argue against these ideas?  

For many, these predictions and warnings and actions to address and fix these problems aren’t needed or aren’t sufficient. They claim his clumsy words are all that matters. They now look to Joe Biden, as good a friend to China as there has ever been, to “rescue” us from President Trump. People like Biden, and many on the right as well, have been in permanent government for decades. For almost 50 years, Joe Biden and people like him have allowed these problems to fester and grow. I for one am grateful we have President Trump and I continue to support his clearly defined goals in these areas 100%. I know my words will be meaningless to the hysterical left who look for any reason and no reason to cement their hatred. Instead I call upon those who are maybe on the fence or who don’t like the president personally to finally realize that his warnings are/were prescient. We are where we are today because these problems have been ignored, and worse, allowed willingly to get worse. The president should be given credit. Even a little would be nice. 

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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