C. Norman Allen | Democrats, Two B’s Don’t Make an A

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

Since the Democratic field of candidates has been whittled down from 29 (25 had active campaigns) to now two — kind of like the Agatha Christie novel “And Then There Were None” — it seems these two remaining candidates do not leave Democrats with much of a choice for president of the United States.  

On the one hand you have a “democratic socialist” who wants to bring about wild, progressive changes such as Medicare for All, free college, cancelling all student debt, decriminalizing border crossings by illegal immigrants, free child care/preschool, the “living wage” (no specifics) and moving toward the outlandish proposals of the Green New Deal.

The other hand offers a candidate who is working toward his retirement to a nursing home where he can spin his wild tales of glorious events that never happened to other residents who have lost their memories and self-dignity as well.

We are referring to the esteemed firm of Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden; a couple of fossils themselves who should have been put into a museum of forgotten U.S. senators long ago!  

Bernie has got a lot of followers; much like the lemmings that run over a cliff together, who never seem to tire at his outrageous claims of a better world for all without any consideration or thought of the cost it would take to make it all happen. 

This, while Joe Biden is being propped up like an old carnival attraction hoping to get one last ride before being tossed onto the scrap heap. 

Biden can’t even get a straight sentence out without stumbling over his words and confusing his wife for his sister!  His own campaign team has limited his speeches to no more than seven minutes, and that is with a teleprompter! 

This is quite a pair that wants to be our next United States president — a job that requires quick and intelligent thinking, high energy, and a dedication to serve our American public with the fortitude and determination of a thoroughbred race horse. 

I only see one man who has done that and more for over three years: Donald Trump!  

He has done more than any other president in history to help bring American jobs back to our shores, strengthen our military, secure our borders, bring our troops out of needless conflicts, reform criminal justice and helping the wrongly accused and those given excessive sentences, and lower the unemployment rate across all demographics.

The Democrats have two very poor Trump opponents in the wings who are going to be a hard sell to the majority of the American voting public.  

No informed citizen wants socialism to be our government norm, and not many want to see things revert back to the Obama method of living where the economy was bad, health care was uprooted from our acceptable standards, higher taxes, more regulations, a depleted military and disastrous global trade conditions. 

These are the scenarios presented by Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden; a couple of “B’s” that don’t make an “A” for our government, standard of living, or country as a whole.

C. Norman Allen is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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