Donna’s Day: Create fake spills for April Fool’s Day fun

Create fake spills for April Fool’s Day fun

By Donna Erickson, Signal Contributing Writer

“A mess is the sign of a good time” is one of my mantras in life. That is, as in disorder after a party or craft project. But spills? Not that kind of mess.

Grape juice on white carpet, chocolate milk on a child’s party dress, coffee spilled on my lap during a flight. No one likes to accidentally spill or be spilled on.

Except on April Fool’s Day!

This fun caper of placing “fake” spills around the house, office or school, fools, surprises and, above all, creates spontaneous laughter. We all know, you can’t have too much of that in your life!

Fool friends and family into thinking that ketchup really spilled on the kitchen floor, or that fingernail polish is dripping down the side of an upholstered chair. The ingredients are basic for this clean “messy” prank: household glue, acrylic paint and props appropriate to enhance the spill.

Here’s how:

Choose an empty container, cup or jar as the prop for your spill. For example, an empty juice box, a coffee mug or a mustard jar works well. Wash it thoroughly.

In a small paper cup, stir food coloring (for translucent spills) or acrylic paint (for opaque spills) into 1/2 cup of white household glue. Or, if you have a wide-mouth prop, combine directly in it. When adding the paint or food coloring, try to imitate the color of the product that was previously in the container. Mix colors to get an authentic effect.

Place plastic wrap or parchment paper on a flat surface. Set the prop you have chosen on its side on plastic wrap or parchment paper. Carefully pour the glue mixture onto the plastic wrap or paper next to the spout or edge of the prop in such a way that it simulates a real spill. If you stirred the glue mixture in the prop, slowly pour it out and set the prop on its side next to the spill. Add realistic touches as part of the spill, such as mini marshmallows for a spilled mug of hot chocolate, or a wooden stick for an ice-cream bar.

Keep out of reach until completely dry, up to 24-36 hours. Remove the “spill” from the plastic wrap or paper. Check to make sure it is dry underneath. You don’t want a real spill on your hands!

Finally, it’s time place your fake spill in the perfect spot to surprise your friends, family, or even a teacher on Wednesday, April 1. 

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