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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Gary Horton’s “Corona Lockdown” commentary blaming President Trump for the present health and economic circumstances was true to form and predictable. How the worm turns: Just a few weeks ago when the Dow was soaring to 30,000, the left claimed it was Obama’s economy. Not so now. 

In placing blame, Horton ignores the oil battle between the Saudis and Russia that started oil prices to plummet; but then why let facts get in the way? Of course, the COVID-19 has a direct cause and effect on America’s economy; thousands upon thousands of businesses have been ordered shut down and workers are not getting their regular paychecks. 

It’s shameful that Horton brags about his self-perceived savvy in getting out of the stock market when “Trump came on,” implying he has his money while others suffer. I well remember, with Barack Obama in the oval office, watching the big “Dow Dive” to 7,882. Obama’s answer was to provide a stimulus package of $750 billion that actually cost $831 billion, which falsely promised to fund “shovel ready” jobs. Those jobs were never realized but it was a big payday for Obama friends like the failed Solyndra, etc. Obama and his job czar, Jeffrey Immelt, had quite a laugh about that premise, literally in front of the cameras; “shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we expected,” (Obama) in speaking to a jobs council in mid-2012, after saying in 2010 and 2011 that shovels were hitting the ground. 

As of this writing, and during an unprecedented event, the Dow exceeds 21,000.

Horton wrings his hands believing Trump worsened the national debt, in his first three years, by $3 trillion. I do not like the numbers either, but reportedly Obama’s average debt increased by $1.6 trillion each year he was in office, making his first three years a debt of nearly $5 trillion.

Horton has no standing in decrying the latest rescue package of $2.2 trillion. The obscenities of the worse-than-pork, gratis Nancy Pelosi, is obscene. 

April 1, Horton doubled down with his “Hope: It’s More important than ever in America.” As his DNA dictates hate for this president he could not help himself from “here’s hoping we’ve got the serious minds in Washington to sort these things out. Maybe having a narcissist reality show host leading this whole effort isn’t the best timing.”

President Trump had both a huge name and an accomplished business history long before NBC tapped him to star in “The Apprentice.” The NBC powers-that-be were thrilled with the multi-millions Trump made them for the 11 years the show ran. 

Trump has been a smart, effective and hands-on leader through this virus crisis. He put a team of experts together to coordinate the battle; synched the Centers for Disease Control with the Federal Emergency Management Agency; has gotten hospitals up and running; two hospital ships in place on the coasts to treat thousands of people; has enlisted many companies to manufacture and distribute personal protective equipment, and has been hailed by governors for the quick and effective responses to their needs and requests.  All of this in spite of the insatiable, negative critics and their slurs of racism for stopping travel to the U.S. from China in January; the latter of which proved to be of critical positive importance.

Horton’s “Hope” commentary is inane considering the optimism of Trump has been negatively called out for not taking the virus seriously. Yada yada, yada. That theme has been around a few weeks.

In sharp contrast, I applaud, commend, praise and pray for the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who are on all lines, front and more, as medical professionals, first responders, coordinators, and all of the connected necessary, hard-working, tireless, dedicated people who practice their craft in the face of danger to their own (and families’) health statuses. Further, it is a time for optimism: We are in the best country to fight this beast and the decent will not stoop to small-minded braggarts who never get it.

Betty Arenson

Santa Clarita

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