John Boston | Speak Treason. Fluently. Do NOT Vote Christy Smith

John Boston

In the 1938 swashbuckling flick, Errol Flynn played the title role of “Robin Hood.” Part of it was shot out here in Placerita Canyon. Sitting before his enemies, Robin of Locksley is accused, by of all people — Maid Marian: “You speak TREASON!!!” she scolded.

Smiling as only Errol Flynn could smile, Robin calmly replied: “Fluently…”


It’s a language vital for many of us to learn.

The May 12 special election may be the most important one in SCV history. We will fill our 25th Congressional District seat with either Mike Garcia or Christy Smith.

Want a tip from someone who does his homework?

Don’t vote for Christy.

Some have already sent their ballots. The Right will vote Right. The Left will vote Left. There’s no magic argument or bumper sticker to convince either side to switch.

In the midst of this active and angry civil war between two Americas meander the Undecideds. To those Undecideds, I urge you to consider: 


The Box. 

For Treason.

Vote against The Establishment.

Don’t vote for Christy Smith.

Is she evil? Nope. Local girl who made good. Inoffensive resume. Just recently served for about 20 minutes as our local assemblywoman who leapt at the chance to pump air into her curriculum vitae and climb the ladder as another useless career politician. Bonus? She’s photogenic. Here’s the single damning problem with Christy Smith being our next congresswoman:

She’s The Man. She won’t be her own woman. She’s the next useless Nancy Pelosi benchwarmer, salivating for outside campaign funds. 

I was visiting a pal in Beverly Hills a while back and passed a multi-million-dollar estate. In Christmas lights on the mansion’s cast-iron giant gate was a peace symbol and, in 3-foot-high letters, the word, “RESIST!”

I had to ask. “Resist — what?”

Democrats and Republicans used to sit together and seek solution. Yes. Sadly, it mostly involved pork, brazen stupidity and divvying up the national treasure. But they went to lunch together. In a dizzyingly brief time, the Democratic Party has morphed into an insane cult who make no secret they’re out to destroy the country. Joe Biden is the Left’s presidential candidate and boasts a lifetime of being a triple threat: dumb, dishonest and crooked. Now, and it’s actually sad, he’s mentally incapacitated. Almost half his party still passionately supports Bernie Sanders, whose only claim to fame is lining his family’s pockets through dishonest deals. The guy was kicked out of a hippie commune for being lazy. His staff went on record openly demanding that America needs not just communism, but gulags to re-educate the masses. The Left? They cheer that.

She may coquettishly fan herself and pretend to be moderate, to represent the SCV. But these are Christy Smith’s people.


Are you kidding me?

Smith’s Left controls education, state government, bureaucracy, arts, entertainment, news, media, technology, corporate, social media, labor, advertising. This millionaire liberal living behind the feudal gates of his Beverly Hills mansion — just what, exactly, is he resisting? Under what sort of systemic tyranny is the poor one-percenter suffering? Maid didn’t serve his avocado toast at precisely the right temperature?

The Left has become the ruling feudal class.

Christy Smith’s Left is completely intolerant of any ideas outside their own vision of dictatorship. Christy Smith’s Left has a record of failure, corruption, violence, hypocrisy and a chronic ineptitude to fix the simplest problems. They scream “Climate Change!” and ask that we turn over our lives, our paychecks, our children, our speech, our very thoughts — to the same people who brought you the IRS and the DMV. Christy Smith’s Democrats can’t count 12 votes in Iowa and yet, they count on voters being too dumb to remember that they can’t count 12 votes in Iowa. 

Vote for Christy Smith? No.

Christy Smith, moderate? No.

Are we looking forward to seeing Ms. Smith in a sharp white designer business suit, theatrically rolling her eyes and scowling with Nancy Pelosi during the next State of the Union? If the Left keeps the House this November, what’s the future? More Russian hoaxes? Impeachments II, III, IV, V & VI? More taxes? More End o’ the World Again hysteria? More delaying help and restarting the economy because the life’s blood of Democrats is blame, anger and chaos? Open borders? No school choice? No choice, period? More destroying and dividing us?

Hey. We’re all nuts. But we’re not stupid.

While we’ve been sleeping, people like Christy Smith have been stuffing their pockets and building an Orwellian nightmare.

Come May 12, the Right will vote Right. The Left will vote Left.

For you Undecideds, try a little enlightened self-interest. Please. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Better? Don’t shoot me in the foot. DON’T — DO NOT — DON’T vote for Christy Smith for the SCV’s 25th congressional seat. At the very least, if this vital election is just a coin flip to you, do the rest of us a favor. Toss the ballot in the trash. Otherwise, take back your community. Take back your country. Please don’t be so shallow as to vote for someone because they take a cute selfie.

Like Robin Hood, learn Treason.

Speak it fluently…

John Boston’s is the recipient of the Will Rogers Lifetime Humanitarian Achievement Award along with more than 100 other journalism honors. He is a local resident.

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