Jay DelDotto | Tax and Immigration Questions

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Letters to the Editor
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First question: Why is Gov. Gavin Newsom giving $125 million to illegal immigrants? According to a headline in another newspaper, “school leaders” are pleading for funds to reopen. And in other news items I have read, Newsom is asking state workers to take a 10% pay cut. Maybe these school leaders should be questioning Governor Newsom about this giveaway of tax money to people here illegally first. 

Second question: Columnist Gary Horton, in many of his comments, is always touting his concern for people here illegally and the work that they perform. Since Mr. Horton owns a large landscape company and employs a number of maintenance workers, I wonder how many of these individuals are here illegally? Since Gary is an advocate for a “living wage,” I would also like to know what he pays his lowest-wage workers?

Third question: What is a “living wage”? Fifteen dollars an hour? Twenty dollars an hour? Twenty-five dollars an hour? Thirty dollars an hour? Just how high do we go for a “living wage”? 

And, of course we still have the “bullet” train to nowhere that is taking up billions and billions of tax money with no end in sight. Maybe we should stop this boondoggle first.

I think we all should be alert to the “cry” from all the politicians to raise taxes. However, the government is still wasting lots and lots of money on useless programs that only support each politician’s pet project. Maybe someone smarter than me can write in and answer these questions.

Jay DelDotto


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