Phyllis A. McKenna | Can’t Stand a Pelosi Protege

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Gary Horton column, April 22: 

We can’t stand a Trump supporter in Washington? No, Gary, we can’t stand a Pelosi protege in Washington. 

Gary’s column was over the top, filled with the usual hate and vitriol that has come to characterize the Democratic Party. I usually read Gary’s column because I like to see what the left is thinking, but his disdain and contempt for a distinguished fighter pilot is just too much. 

I do not know if Gary has ever been in the military, but it is clear he has no use for anyone in the military. Gary’s column never varies, maybe once, but it is bash Trump paragraph 1, paragraph 2, and on and on. On one occasion he actually got to about three-quarters of the way through before he started bashing Trump. Gary gives us no reason to support Christy Smith, his choice to replace the disgraced Katie Hill. 

Smith supported the job-killing Assembly Bill 5, which put many gig workers out of work, forcing them to be employed and union members. She tried to put a local businessman out of business because she disagreed with his conservative views. She is also against charter schools, which give parents a choice between that and the failing, unionized public schools. 

We have a choice this May 12 and in November between capitalism and socialism. Mike Garcia is the person to vote for to preserve our values of lower taxes and less government interference in our private lives. 

Phyllis A. McKenna

Stevenson Ranch

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