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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In Judy Taylour’s letter to the editor on April 30, she cites Mike Garcia’s hit piece she received that was just spreading lies about Christy Smith. Then she failed to cite just what the lies were and said “they” did not care about what her accomplishments were in the Assembly. What were those accomplishments, pray tell? She voted to raise taxes,, she sponsored a bill to limit charter schools, thereby not allowing poorer families to opt out of the failing public schools, and she voted for Assembly Bill 5 to force the gig workers into becoming employees and consequently members of a union. AB 5 has led to the loss of thousands of freelance jobs in the newspaper, trucking and entertainment industries, not to mention Uber and Lyft drivers. Way to go, Christy!

In addition, Christy has shown her disdain for small businesses, the life blood of our economy, by trying to put one small business out of business because she disagreed with the owner’s views. Where is all of that liberal tolerance? 

Now it seems she has shown disrespect for the military service of Mike Garcia. These two views she has exhibited show she is not in tune with the values of this community but more in tune with radicals like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Yes, she did vote to approve a bill to give $450,000. of taxpayer funds to the Bella Vida Senior Center. That was a good thing and afforded her another photo op, but Sen. Scott Wilk was also there for the presentation.

Then, after not being able to name any, well, one, of Christy’s accomplishments, Judy begins the same old mantra of bashing Trump and the blame game we’ve all become very familiar with. 

If Christy Smith has been such an advocate for education, why has California gone from No. 1 in the rankings to No. 21? Guess public schools are more interested in transgender issues and deciding which bathroom to use, surely not history. Vote for Mike, a proven leader, not just a career politician.

Phyllis A. McKenna

Stevenson Ranch

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