Steve Lunetta | Democrats, the Astros and Other Cheaters


It is with great pride that we here at the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy award the 2020 Houston Astros Dirty Rotten Cheaters Award to… the California Democratic Party!

It is exceedingly rare that a political organization would stoop so low to win an election. No, wait. I am wrong. Which political party utilized vote harvesting in the last election to steal both an Assembly seat and a congressional seat?

The California Democratic Party!

Dems, you must be so proud. You already have nearly complete control of the place. The fixes that have been put in will assure Democratic control of the Golden State for the foreseeable future. 

You didn’t need to cheat.

This is like the 1927 New York Yankees (with Ruth, Gehrig, Lazzeri, etc.) banging on trash cans after stealing signs. There was no need for them to cheat. They were already dominant and, perhaps, the greatest team in baseball history.

For those of you who are unaware, Gov. Gavin Newsome authorized the opening of an additional in-person voting station in the Lancaster area in an area dominated by black folks. 

If I was a suspicious person, I would say that the Dems were playing race politics in the desert.

Of course, the decision to do this was explained away as people in this area would be more likely to vote in person than by mail so it’s really a matter of inclusion for the downtrodden and postally challenged members of the Lancaster community.


Why weren’t in-person voting sites added in the rest of the district (translation: in white and Hispanic areas)? Are Dems saying that black folks don’t know how to use mailboxes? 


And let’s think about COVID-19. Gov. Newsom has been the undisputed champion of shutdowns, social distancing and appropriate measures to stop coronavirus. Which makes his decision even more baffling.

The Dems seem to have absolutely no qualms about risking African-American lives just so they can get a few extra votes for Christy Smith. 


And what about the fact that Mike Garcia is a Latino running in a predominantly white district? The Republicans seem to have chosen a man who can cross over ethnic lines and reach all of the residents of the district. 

Are the Democrats trying to play Latinos against African-Americans? Racism!

What really cracks me up is that left-leaning newspapers like the Washington Post (May 9) focused their stories on how President Donald Trump was “attacking” the decision to add the extra voting center, completely deflecting readers away from the true issue: that Dems were gaming the system and got caught.

Where is honor anymore? Has our political system just turned into a “win-at-any-cost” exercise where the ends justify the means? 

I hope not. 

Democrats, I hope you are deeply offended by this column. I want you to face the negative implications of this decision and how badly it makes your party look. You need to demand better from your leaders. Play fair. Win fair.

I don’t mind that the Dodgers lost to the Yankees a couple times in the late 1970s. The Yankees were a better team and deserved to win. 

What really sticks in my craw is the 2017 loss to the cheating Astros. Losing is not the problem — it’s how you win or lose that matters.

The Democratic Party is clearly desperate. Does this foreshadow a new Red Wave in California? Maybe it’s time that we look at getting more balance in our politics and it will start right here in the SCV. 

Amazingly, Katie Hill may have been a blessing in disguise for us.

Somehow, my cell number got onto Dem party call lists (NextGen, MoveOn to name a couple) and they are blowing up my phone with admonishments to vote. Funny how all of these calls are coming from outside of our district.

People of Santa Clarita, take back your district! Don’t allow cheaters and outside forces to attempt to steal this election from us. 

Democrats, stop banging on trash cans and play fair!

Steve Lunetta is a resident of Santa Clarita and wants to see a “Series” between the Yankees and Dodgers to determine the 2017 World Series. Call the commissioner and tell him. He (Steve) can be reached at [email protected].

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