Suzie Szabo | Proud to Endorse Garcia

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

When I first met Mike Garcia and was able to discuss with him the needs of our community, to say the least, I was so impressed. 

First, he decided to run against Katie Hill before she “crashed and burned.” He didn’t like the direction the community was heading and knew he had to do something about it, not just complain, He took action! I’ve watched him since he’s thrown his “hat” into the ring. He’s been active in all our communities and attending activities. He’s had meetings in person (before Coronavirus) with anyone who would like to meet him. And since coronavirus, he has met virtually with people throughout the communities. He grew up in our community, He’s homegrown — who would know our needs better? He knows what our needs are. He’s proven he can work under pressure and I know he can handle the demands this job will bring. I am proud to say I endorse Mike Garcia!

Suzie  Szabo

Santa Clarita

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