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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In trying to find the words that convey my thoughts and feelings, it is extremely difficult because I am so numbed by the endless onslaught of the visual carnage on TV news. 

Looking back at the watershed events in my life of 65 years, while I can certainly list historically seismic events, it now seems like we are truly at a point of no return as a society. 

I ask how we arrived here now: complete callousness for our fellow citizens, contempt for authority, total lack of self-respect, lives devoid of vision and goals, absence of joy and hope, a constant quest for the next temporary “high,” a sense of entitlement as private property is looted and burned, and the cheapening of life through the murder of babies in their mother’s womb.

The answer is, as a society we abandoned our Maker generations ago. God gives us purpose, meaning, fulfillment, dignity, and inner peace and joy. He asks us to walk with Him in a personal, daily, intimate relationship. He gives us an eternal perspective.

The way to find Him is through His word, the Bible. It is a love letter and detailed instruction manual to us for our lives. The cause-effect relationship between abandoning His word and the disintegration of society is striking. There is a direct correlation between the two. 

I implore you, please stop, turn around and read His word. When generations before us did this, the renaissance of individuals and society in general was obvious. The mind was quickened: inventions, the arts, science and literature flourished. Humankind found meaning, cause, direction and joy. Respect for our fellow citizen was the norm. 

Can you see how far we’ve fallen? We’ve been knocked to the mat. 

I urge you, please get up, do the right thing and glorify your Maker. Changed hearts, minds and lives is effected one person at a time, and that starts with you and me reading His word and following God.

Dennis Moore

Canyon Country

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