Duane Smith | America’s COVID-19 Sabbatical

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

On March 19, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. By March 20, most Americans started submitting to strict directives to stay home, in what The New York Times called the “Coronavirus Crackdown.” According to The Times, shutdowns and restrictions on America’s movement were “essential” to reduce the rate of infection. 

Scared into submission, most U.S. citizens, and people around the world, surrendered to the demands of politicians, medical experts and media personalities promoting a do-or-die-narrative. That is, until May 29! On May 29, protesters across the nation took to the streets in outrage over the horrifying murder of George Floyd. 

Instantaneously, it was as if the “Coronavirus Crackdown” and COVID-19 had miraculously ceased to exist! Thousands upon thousands of Americans were gathering intimately and closely on the streets all across America for hours at a time. The same voices, who only the day before, were preaching the life-and-death-virtue of “social distancing,” had overnight become champions of “social-clustering.” The words, COVID-19, coronavirus, pandemic, social distancing and superspreading were nowhere to be found. 

Radio personality Adam Corolla quipped, “CNN last week, ‘How are we going to stop these sunbathers on California beaches?!’ CNN this week, ‘Masses in the streets walking arm in arm. Good for them.” 

CNN was not alone. Most networks and politicians alike seamlessly transitioned from being coronavirus-crackdown-prophets, to cheerleaders for massive congregating (excluding churches). Rather than pompoms — microphones, cameras and empowering words were used to embolden social clustering on city streets all across America, during what we are told is a pandemic. 

Has COVID-19 ceased to be as transmittable as once believed? Or, did the architects of society simply take a sabbatical from enforcing their imposed rules? We will know soon enough! 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the incubation period for the coronavirus ranges from two to 14 days. If what has been preached as gospel-truth concerning the behavior of both the virus and people is true, there will be a “spike” of sick people. 

If there is no spike, what will this tell us about the forced sabbatical that has collapsed our nation’s economy?

Duane Smith

Agua Dulce

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