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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It’s time to send the airlines a message and choose another mode of transportation. Over the years their services have deteriorated to the point of dismal failure. We have been crammed into planes with virtually no room to sit, and virtually none with which to recline or change positions. They have food for sale only and now it is questionable whether you will even be able to get a cup of water. 

People wear several layers of clothing so they don’t have to pay exorbitant luggage fees. You have to check yourself in at a kiosk and if you have a problem you’re given a difficult time at the counter. Usually the agents will just redirect you to the kiosk. Customer service is lacking. There is one airline that will soon require passengers to ask permission to use the bathroom. 

That is where I have drawn the line. No more flying for us. One of the best trips I ever had was a bus trip of several thousand miles from eastern Canada to New Orleans. I met many nice people on the way, including a woman who woke me in the middle of the night to see the Mississippi River all lit up in color. It is a wonderful memory I will have forever. Another young passenger asked me if I wanted to try real Southern food in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. I said “sure,” so we literally ran to the local takeout restaurant, grabbed lunch to go and ran back to the bus. We were exhausted but relished our plates of hot fried chicken with greens, hush puppies and sweet potato pie. Thank goodness they gave us plenty of napkins! 

Many people I met just wanted to share their stories. It certainly was a trip to remember. 

Last year my co-pilot Tigerlily and I took a road trip from Santa Clarita to eastern Canada. We started early each day so we would have time to explore the local little towns in the afternoon. It was 5,000 miles of thoroughly enjoyable leisurely driving. It was simple to find hotels that are pet-friendly. We had a great time. We met so many nice people on the road. 

The next time you plan a trip, send a clear message to the airlines. We will not continue to tolerate poor service, high prices, lack of space, and being nickel-and-dimed to death for every piece of luggage. Hopefully in the future we will be back on trains and buses, and for now we can still take ourselves on a road trip. Enjoy.

Randi Kay


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