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Letters to the Editor
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I sit at my home each day and read The Signal to see what is happening in our community. Each time I get to the opinion section, my heart becomes very sad. I totally respect how every citizen has the right to vote for who they want, to belong to the Republican, Democratic or Independent parties OR NOT! My objection is that whenever I read a letter to the editor or someone’s opinion, I feel ashamed of what many of these people write about

Our President, Donald J. Trump. This man was elected into office by “we the people.” If nothing else, he deserves our respect. It does not matter whether you like him or not. President Trump is the leader of our FREE country. 

How do you think these disrespectful articles affect our children and our grandchildren? What do they learn from this disrespect? Why should they respect their parents, their grandparents, their teachers, the police officer on the street trying to help them, and I could go on and on! People, it is time to wake up and take responsible for what you write. 

We are a FREE country and live in the BEST country in the world. 

Let us be grateful for our opportunity to have been born and raised in this great country. Be mindful of what you write and who you disrespect. The president of the United States of America deserves everyone’s respect even if you do not “like” him. He is a human being with a family and he chose to work for us, the American people. The least we can do is be respectful. Who cares about orange hair or the type of food he chooses to eat – that is HIS choice!

Time to grow up and act like a person who feels gratitude for being an American citizen! We all have the right to the First Amendment, but please be careful how you choose to use it!

Roberta Dey

Santa Clarita

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