Arthur Saginian | Overreacting to the Virus

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

An additional death from COVID-19 at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital. Forgive me for sounding cold-hearted and callous, but OMG, you’d think it was the end of the world. Any word on how many people died of anything else at Henry Mayo, or any of the other hospitals in the state, for that matter?  A lot more, I’d say. A LOT more. But no word on them, huh? Sorry, it seems heart failure, cancer and diabetes just aren’t trending.

You also displayed some pretty impressive stats on coronavirus over the past few months. Bar charts, and all – red for infections and black for deaths. Good choice of colors. Can you sense my sarcasm? Good. It’s intentional. This is a classic case of “the cure is worse than the disease.” We are literally destroying our economies, and for what? For what, I ask? So they can see just how obedient we can all be? Baaah! As in sheep.

By the way, I deem our response to this virus as inappropriate.

Arthur Saginian

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