C. Norman Allen | Why Are Our Leaders Watching America Burn?

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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With the unbelievable and totally bizarre events that have taken up our American landscape for much of the past month of rampant violence, looting, burning, destruction and killing, we have to ask the question: Why are our leaders watching America burn?

Ever since the incident of George Floyd’s horrific death at the hands of a rogue and irresponsible police officer in Minneapolis on May 25, we, the American public, have been subjected to non-stop protests and situations that have escalated into acts of utter violence, looting, burning, destruction of property, disrespect for law and order, the defacing of America’s buildings and historical monuments and statues. The original premise of protesting against police brutality and the wrongful death of Mr. Floyd has now become a totally out-of-control mob mentality bent on lawlessness and anarchy.

The Black Lives Matter movement said the “protests” against certain injustices were to be peaceful. Anybody having a television, computer or any digital device knows otherwise. There’s plenty of proof that the marches and protests, violent occupations of portions of major cities, under any banner or name, are anything but peaceful. These riots incited arson, shootings, vandalism, rape and now at least two murders, providing unmitigated evidence that any intention of peaceful assembly has been totally abandoned. 

Most unfortunately, the vast majority of the news media, with few exceptions, don’t seek out true peaceful demonstrators who do want civil assemblies to get out their messages but are disregarded or otherwise smothered, leaving us to view the worst. The peaceful, civil ones are not being given their free speech; where are their rights? Don’t look for the media-majority to tell you. 

BlackLivesMatter.com states such things as “…we’ve committed to struggling together …where every Black person has the social, economic and political power to thrive”; “We acknowledge, respect and celebrate differences and commonalities.” 

Bearing in mind the “everybody matters and should be heard” philosophy, where is the line where civil words turn into the ruffian mentality of Antifa? The mission statements of Black Lives Matter versus the thug-style Antifa actions beg that reasonable question. 

Antifa has no mission statement. They are a loose-knit group that seems to wreak havoc everywhere they go. Have you ever heard of a peaceful Antifa gathering? Me neither. It’s worthwhile to read an enlightening commentary (Aug. 22, 2017) from The New Yorker titled “An intimate history of Antifa.” (www.newyorker.com/books/page-turner/an-intimate-history-of-antifa).

President Donald Trump has wanted Antifa declared a terrorist organization since 2017 and he expressed that again recently. Remarkably the Department of Justice has concerns; the unbelievable concern is stated by Mary McCord, former head of the DOJ’s National Security Division when she spoke to a House of Representatives panel in January 2020: “The First Amendment protects the rights of Americans who like spewing ‘hateful speech’ and assembling with others who share the same hateful views,” so, “Unless an organization engages solely in unprotected activity, such as committing crimes of violence, any designation of a (U.S.-based) organization as a terrorist organization … would likely run afoul of the First Amendment.” 

I’ll leave you those words to seriously think about.

Is it a misread to think there is supposed to be a difference between the Black Lives Matter movement and Antifa? I, for one, want to think so. Yet the statement days ago from Hawk Newsome, president of the Greater New York Chapter of Black Lives Matter, furthers confusion, saying, “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it. And I could be speaking figuratively or I could be speaking literally.” 

I’m not alone in the opinion that there’s a Marxist agenda afoot to change and control our society by inciting fear and violence to try and get us all to feel guilt and shame for being a tool of “systemic racism” in a country they say is corrupt! The real truth is that America as a country is NOT racist; and when people foster hate crimes and incidents as well as faking events to try and “prove” racism, they fall flat on their faces. Think Tawana Brawley and Jussie Smollet — both created hate crimes by manufacturing racist charades.  

America’s Democratic mayors and governors are watching this violence and upheaval in their cities (Seattle, Philadelphia, New York, L.A., etc.) allowing anarchy to happen because they are using it as a tool to push their agenda of hurting America. They want us turned into a “socialist” nation by keeping us fearful and dependent on their rules and restrictions. There’s little defending of our truths, liberties and freedoms because if we talk against these movements we are branded as “bigots and racists”!

The only leader standing up to this chaos is President Trump, who not only signed into legislation police reform, but also is now enforcing the law by having anyone defacing or damaging or destroying monuments on federal land to be held accountable and subject to as high as a 10-year prison term. We need, as a public and people of common sense, to stand up to this madness and terror that are spreading across our land; let these agitators know we will not allow destruction of our property, dismantling of our police forces, threatening our businesses or our way of life. 

Giving in and surrendering to violent people will only be a prelude to how life will be under the power and control of Democratic leadership. Their reign will be a continuance of our leaders watching the burning and looting of America.

C. Norman Allen is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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