John Weaver | Garcia Puts Money Where His Mouth Is

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

During his campaign for California’s 25th Congressional District, Mike Garcia spoke of four Cs, one of which was “Charity.” On June 8, Mike announced his intent to donate 10% of his congressional pay, each month, to a charity or qualified nonprofit within the district. 

This is remarkable in several respects. First, it demonstrates that Mike pays considerably more than mere lip service to his campaign speeches, which seems unique to the political class. Secondly, by choosing charities and nonprofits within the district, Mike shows a respect and concern for HIS constituency that is refreshing when so many representatives pay little attention to local issues. 

Lastly, at a time when so many politicians seek office with the idea of “getting rich,” finding one, like Mike, who is more interested in service, deserves considerable praise. I think Mike Garcia deserves a “well-done!” from us all.

John Weaver


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