Richard Myers | Is a Safe Return to School Possible?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As a retired teacher I have been wondering how schools will be opening in the fall.

The recent interest and call by the White House and the president for the reopening of schools in the upcoming fall seems a bit frantic.  In case you don’t remember Donald Trump as the “Education President,” you’re not forgetful — he isn’t and never has been.

The education of our children can resume in the fall but at least for now, if done safely it won’t be in a classroom setting, it will be through the media.

If done in the classroom, the virus spread will increase. So why is the president so insistent that the kids return to the classroom? Well I suggest that he doesn’t give a rat’s behind about education but what he does want is to free up the parents so they can go back to work.

Trump just turns a blind eye to any information that will put him off his goal of boosting the economy.

If the data on the virus improves dramatically, then perhaps kids can return safely to the classroom. If not, I fear for the teachers and the kids and the parents.

Richard Myers

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