Arthur Saginian | Blaming God for Human Folly

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It’s all God’s fault.

When I was reading the Bible for some guidance on how to deal with difficult people, I was astonished by Paul’s letter to the Romans, namely Romans 9:20. You see, sometime before that I had debated the topic in my own mind — actually, I had sued God in court — and come to the conclusion that God made us this way, He made us difficult – “stubborn and rebellious,” to be exact. It’s that bloody “free will” thing – it’s like a corrupted computer file. God built a machine and loaded it with infected software. 

So, when I read Romans 9:20 I laughed and threw the book at the wall because I disagreed with Paul. By all means we should face off with our Creator and demand to know why He made us this way — to amuse Himself with our folly? God is the universal sovereign and we are His court jesters. What a sick sense of humor. And all this talk about “divine plans” and “mysteries of faith” – really? Is that the best we can do – to put the blame on ourselves? No – I say God’s factory has poor quality control, and He uses cheap parts and slave labor. 

So, the next time you turn on the television or read the papers and wonder why there’s so much crap going on out there, you might try shaking a fist at the heavens – at the real source of our sorrows, the Guy who made it all. 

Thank you very much.

Arthur Saginian


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