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SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

New York, by reputation, has historically possessed a certain awe. Likewise, its people were proud of that aura. New Yorkers enjoy the repute of being tough, bold and often brash. That isn’t a criticism at all; it’s simply an evincing. The song “New York, New York” says a lot: “If I can make it here I can make it anywhere.” Once-mayor Ed Koch was a colorful, yes, brash, character who often met his constituents with “How’m I doin’?”  

The once venerable eclat of that New York style changed in June 2015. That’s when Donald J. Trump declared he was entering the race to be the president of the United States of America. In the early stages with about 17 candidates in total it seemed only a  few voters thought he could prevail. For me, he wasn’t my first choice. Nor the second. As the race reached the primary point, I liked what he had to say with his want list for Americans and he was willing to go to bat for all of it. Admittedly during the campaign there were times I cringed with some of his comments as well as the number of tweets, but other actions landed in the plus column.

He was, and remains, a tireless campaigner. He faced people everywhere, whether they liked him or not. He held a lot of interest. 

It was quickly revealed that the thick deck was stacked against him. That’s the deck of the mass media, the Hollywood crowd, all of the far Left and the old guard of Republicans and Democrats as well. Be serious, he wasn’t a politician, he didn’t deserve a seat at the table. It certainly wasn’t his turn.   

Trump was born into wealth and that’s not a distinction considering many of those before him. He held a degree from an Ivy League university and chose not to sit behind the wooden desk and dictate. He proceeded with real estate development and had no apprehension of going on-site and commingling with the everyday workers. After all they were the ones physically building his visions. He didn’t hesitate to have his children in tow to observe and learn right along with him. 

Irrespective of the college degree and his fame, it was clear he was not one of them. He wasn’t erudite. He was accused of not “being presidential” and of course, too brash. Both of those labels are mere hypocritical  prattle considering those who spew them. 

“Presidential.” Who was….by the terms of the never-Trumpers? John F. Kennedy, a serial womanizer, or Lyndon B. Johnson, also a womanizer and one of the most racist men to sit in the oval office? Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter were nice guys but neither made any profound marks as a leader. Democrats berated George H. Bush, a decent man, relentlessly. Many would say Ronald Reagan but his earlier divorce didn’t go unnoticed. Hillary Clinton? That would be another commentary.

It doesn’t get more presidential than Mitt Romney. The brains, the look, a taint-free family, experienced businessman and politician, etc. Look what was done to him. He was trashed as a man, a family man with a wife, mocked for having an elevator in their home, an expensive blouse and a horse for therapeutic reasons, ignoring that the lady has multiple sclerosis and is a breast cancer survivor. Romney was also hounded  for his $250 million worth. He allowed it to stand without true rebuttal. It was money he earned and it’s pocket change compared to the haters who maligned him.

No thanks. Americans should never fall for that “not presidential” putrescence. 

Trump was the first candidate in the largest arena of politics on Earth while not being a typical politician. The media lackeys discovered quickly they had an aberration on their hands. An unknown. An outspoken man who didn’t hold a licked finger in the air to calculate what to spew to impress listening ears. Nor did he placate the media. 

Trump isn’t impressed with celebrity; he is one. He’s not impressed with wealth. He has it and won’t be bought. He’s a man with fire and isn’t intimidated. He has street smarts and won’t be insulted. So, what’s left? The media  found themselves without tools. They couldn’t impress him with the tradition that candidates always need ”the press.” Therefore the only thing left was and is purely hate… Capital “H.” 

The war was afoot. Typically, the opposition ignored meeting residents of the fly-over states. Trump comfortably spent time with them and still does. He’s as comfortable there as anywhere. When the elitists treated them as hayseeds and worse; Trump called them worthy Americans. 

For all of the wailing about decency, honesty and other buzz words, President Trump clearly tells the world what’s on his mind. Trump is not going to cower and shrink as if imitating Mitt Romney or George Bush.

My very accomplished and prominent friend Lee Kessler said it best: “Trump didn’t drain the swamp, he threw a grenade into it.”

I don’t need to vote for a pastor; I have one. I prefer to vote for a leader who has kept campaign promises, believes in the U.S. Constitution for all and does not desire to “fundamentally change America” by first destroying her. 

Betty Arenson is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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