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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

David R. McCann wrote a thoughtful letter, “Moved by Column and Letter,” published Aug. 18. He referenced another letter that in actuality was not factual, leaving Mr. McCann with an absence of the truth.

The earlier letter was submitted by Lisa McDougald, a constant critic of Councilman Bob Kellar. She referenced an event that occurred more than 10 years ago when Kellar responded to a man who called him a derogatory name concerning the topic of illegal immigration. Kellar clearly punctuated that he is in avid supporter of the American flag and America overall. The critics, true to form, put their spin on it and an inflamed story took on a life of its own. 

Recently McDougald has conflated that story to apply to the Black Lives Matter topic. That is an absolute misconception. McCann did not live in the Santa Clarita Valley over a decade ago, thus his lack of knowledge is understandable. Hopefully he will put himself at ease with the knowledge that McDougald’s viewpoint is misguided.

Betty Arenson

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