Betty Arenson | Impressed by Garcia’s Start

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It is impressive to see our California 25th District represented by the newly elected Rep. Mike Garcia. His first 60 days in office should make all constituents proud. Rep. Garcia said he would hit the ground running and he did just that.

An immediate need was to sort through the backlog of constituents’ requests and needs as our district negatively experienced  a long absence of any representation after the sudden departure of a prior elected official.  Those many months of vacancy were costly. Thousands of contacts had to be sorted through, prioritized and addressed.

In particular my family I and are very pleased that Rep. Garcia co-signed a letter reaffirming America’s support of Israel. Very notably and quite importantly, he fully supports our brave law enforcement and full funding of our military in the National Defense Authorization Act. Both of these are monumentally necessary considering the tumultuous state of our nation and the world today.

He introduced an amendment to extend the WIIN Act. That act benefits California’s water infrastructure physically with water supply and reclamation, as well as benefiting taxpayers by allowing for both pre-payments on contracts and accelerating repayments into the federal government coffers (California Bureau of Reclamation). 

It’s encouraging to witness some good things happening for the American people in an environment of unnecessary hostility, hate, designed misinformation and bad news. 

Betty Arenson

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