John Weaver | An Impressive Start for Garcia

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I try to keep abreast of the actions of our representatives in Washington and Sacramento. With respect to Rep. Mike Garcia, after only 60 days in office, the story is very positive for the 25th Congressional District. 

Mike has been appointed to the House Transportation and Science, Space, and Technology committees, both of which deal with subjects of high importance in the district. He has introduced an amendment to the WIIN act to extend federal support for California’s water infrastructure, again important to the district. 

Finally, Mike has co-sponsored the Justice Act, which promotes increased transparency and training for law enforcement, a responsible alternative to the “defund the police” lunacy being promoted elsewhere. 

All in all, Mike’s first 60 days seem an impressive start for a man who is new to the political scene. 

John Weaver


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