Randi Kay | Undermining the Postal Service

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Letters to the Editor
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The president is undermining the U.S. Postal Service. In fact, many online sources indicate postal sorting machines started to be removed in June. That information is very interesting considering that in mid-March I sent a handmade cloth mask to Toronto, replete with all the customs documents attached, and it was received at the end of June. I have driven from Santa Clarita to Toronto in five days (with a puppy sitting in my lap most of the time). 

It is up to every American to exercise his or her right to vote this November without interference. I have voted by mail for years and this year I intend to show up in person, regardless of risk. I hope others do the same. I encourage everyone to pay bills online rather than by mail. Please hold on to non-essential mail until after the election so people who are unable or unwilling to vote in person are able to vote by mail and have their ballot counted. Closer to the election several of my friends and I have decided to begin a free service to local residents to get mail with destinations in our city to where it needs to be without using the post office. We will take a bill for you to the water company, cell phone provider, gas or electric company or department store and return with your receipt. We need to minimize the mail we send through the postal service once ballots are mailed. We are losing our democracy and sabotaging the vote by making it more difficult to vote is egregious behavior on the part of this administration.  

Randi Kay 


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