Ron Singerman | Reader’s Blood Pressure Elevates

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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This letter is in response to Phyllis McKenna’s letter of Aug. 4 referring to Gary Horton’s column of July 22.

I had cut Horton’s column out of the paper to respond to his one-sided — as usual — lambasting  and mislabeling of what President Donald Trump and the GOP are trying to do to keep our country from going way left toward socialism.

Not a word from Horton in regard to Democratic leaders in the warlike states and cities and all of the other points that Ms. McKenna pointed out.

After a day had passed I was about to write to The Signal. I decided, “Oh, what the heck. Horton is Horton,” and I didn’t write it. Sure sorry about that.

So this letter is gratefully thanking Ms. McKenna for doing what I should have done: Exposing the master spinner of facts.

And to Mr. Horton: I will continue to read your columns as I want to know what both sides are saying, even though they sometimes raise my blood pressure.

Ron Singerman

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