Sen. Scott Wilk | AB 5 Editorial Hit Nail on the Head

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Letters to the Editor
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Your Aug. 22 editorial, “Uber-Legislative Hubris,” was spot on. Assembly Bill 5 is an example of one-party arrogance where, as you so aptly call it, the “uber-majority” discounts viewpoints or experiences in conflict with its own simply because it can. Too often far-reaching policy ideas — while well intentioned — come about with little real-world knowledge. Since there is little interest in hearing opposing viewpoints in a one-party system, the policy makers live in a self-congratulatory echo chamber.

AB 5’s journey through the legislative process is a case in point. Any evidence to the contrary — liars. Industries voicing concern — embellishers. Data on potential job losses — not good enough. Logic and evidence were not going to slow that bill down.

As you point out in your editorial, AB 5 had real-world consequences — just ask the more than 1 million people it put out of work. Truckers, translators, photojournalists, cartoonists, musicians, interpreters and more have lost their livelihood. I imagine the Legislature will be cleaning up this mess long after its author leaves Sacramento. However, for the industries impacted, it will be expensive, time-consuming and disheartening.

And, when we finally do get back to normal, don’t expect umpires or referees at your kid’s sporting events. Thanks to one-party rule, they are illegal.

Sen. Scott Wilk
Santa Clarita

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