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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Why are you wearing a mask? Is it because it is fashionable? Are you wearing it because the government told you to? Maybe you are infected and don’t want to infect others. Or could it be you are wearing the mask so you will not inhale airborne viruses? 

Stylish masks are available all over the place, some pretty, some scary and if you forgot your mask, just pull your shirt up over your nose and mouth. But really, let’s get serious here. The reason you are wearing a mask is so you do not inhale airborne viruses, and it is considerate for someone who is either infected or a carrier to wear a mask to protect others. 

So, what mask should you wear? The Centers for Disease Control says, “Anything is better than nothing.” But you want to be cool, so you get that “one of a kind” fabric mask. Maybe the disposable blue surgical mask, because it’s cheap. My choice is the 3M N95 rated mask, because if I have to wear a mask and I don’t want to inhale viruses, then I am going to wear the one that is rated to do so, if properly worn. 

The cool stylish mask would have to be tested and certified to be as effective as an N95 mask if you want real protection. The blue surgical mask is designed to protect a patient under a doctor’s care. In other words, so the medical people do not drop germs onto the patient. 

Interesting lack of facts. 

With all the researchers, scientists and health organizations trying to figure this COVID-19 virus out, how come the World Health Organization, CDC or any other trustworthy group cannot coherently explain how the virus is transmitted from person to person? Where are the REAL facts? They contradict themselves; they don’t really know if it is airborne or can provide any evidence as to how long, under what conditions the virus lives on a surface. So, the prognosis is to do everything; cover your face, wash your hands, sanitize everything that people could touch. 

Now it has become political. The politicians found that they can use the pandemic as way to control the population. We will never get a straight answer now. Why isolate and quarantine? Because, as usual, politicians treat the common people as “too stupid to protect themselves.” Most laws are created with that ideal in mind, and maybe to a certain extent, there are people “too stupid to protect themselves.” So everyone gets lumped into the stupid people group. 

David Bright 

Agua Dulce

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