Gil Mertz | Media Frenzies, Softballs for Biden

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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Remember when the media just reported the facts? Me neither. Are we now at the age that people in the media can print and say anything they want and get away with it?

Recently the Atlantic dropped what most in the media described as a “bombshell report” that President Donald Trump described World War I veterans as losers and suckers. The source for this bombshell is “anonymous” but CNN reported the story was confirmed by a former White House official who “declined to be named.”

So here we have a news story with no corroboration, no witnesses, reported anonymously and confirmed by an unknown source. Sounds exactly like the Mueller and impeachment cases. 

Any respectable news agency would toss such garbage in the trash. And yet, most in the media ran with this story as if it WAS true. Democrats, the media and never-Trumpers all decried what Trump had said, with ZERO proof from any named source that he ever said it.

But just when as the media was reporting this totally fake story from the gutter, they found a way to find the sewer where many in the media seem to be most comfortable.

First, there was the media’s spin on Joe Biden climbing out of the basement to travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin. For Trump’s visit, the catch phrase from most in the media was “divisive,” but the catch phrase for Biden’s visit was “healing.” Most repeated these same talking points.

President Trump was taken to the areas where rioters had destroyed part of the city, he met with law enforcement and city officials, and pledged federal support to rebuild. This is what most in the media described as “divisive.”

Joe Biden met with the family of Jacob Blake and then went to a church to give a political speech on how the president was a racist. He even repeated the same lie about Trump, which has been totally debunked, as calling white supremacists “fine people.” This is what most in the media described as “healing.”

Recently when Trump stood in front of a church that rioters tried to burn down and only held up a Bible, the media tore its hair out. But if Biden gives an ugly, racist speech inside a church reeling from rioters in Kenosha, the media gives him praise. Incredible!

Yes, Biden took some questions from the crowd, but the questions and comments were unbelievably pre-written for him. Normal people were disgusted by this charade, but Biden’s fake interview with fake questions was spun by most in the media as “empathetic and heartfelt.”

And then later in the week Biden did his first news conference with the media in months. It isn’t surprising how the Democratic National Committee has worked so hard to keep Biden from having to address the media for so long, given his obvious incompetence. But it’s been revealing how the press are perfectly fine that a candidate running for president of the United States refuses to answer any of their questions.

Finally, at long last, the media could ask Biden any question they wanted about his philosophy and strategy on a wide host of issues. Instead, it appeared the same question-writer in Kenosha also prepared the questions for the media at this news conference.

In an amazing coincidence, Biden’s first question came from a reporter with the Atlantic, the source of the fake story now consumed by the media. Gee, imagine that? The question was, “When you hear these remarks — ‘suckers,’ ‘losers,’ recoiling from amputees – what does it tell you about President Trump’s soul and the life he leads?” (Do these news conferences come with barf bags?)

Biden’s rehearsed response was, “If this is true….” And then went off in fake outrage attacking President Trump as though this story WAS true as the media fawned. Nearly every question that followed was not about Joe Biden or his vision for America, but about the evil Donald Trump. Each question appeared carefully designed to set up Biden to condemn Trump in what clearly resembled a campaign stop among his base. 

Once again, about 90% of today’s media has shamelessly become nothing more than a multi-billion-dollar Super Political Action Committee for the Democratic Party. It’s media malfeasance.

This may also explain why the Democratic Media Complex is so anxious for people to mail in their vote right away. If the polls are to be believed, Biden is magically ahead or at least the race will be incredibly close. But the more we see Biden and his base in the media exposed, the more those polls are tightening. The debates could be a total game-changer. 

Could this be why Democrats are so passionate that people vote NOW?

Gil Mertz is a Thousand Oaks resident and former Santa Clarita Valley resident who worked for Help the Children in Valencia for 20 years. His column does not necessarily represent the views of The Signal or its editorial board. 

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