Mike Garcia | Leadership Needed at Crossroads

Mike Garcia
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When my father came to America from Mexico with his family at the age of 9, neither he nor anyone in his family knew if they could actually achieve the “American Dream,” but with hard work, my father was able to provide that dream to my siblings and me. 

It is that grit and determination I saw in my father’s eyes to give us a better life that drove me to give back to this great country and ensure everyone regardless of their race, color, or creed to have a chance to live the American Dream just like we did.   

Serving at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis and later flying fighter jets over the skies of Baghdad was the honor of a lifetime, and I am just as proud to serve our country again in Congress. 

After returning home to Southern California, I poured everything I had into raising a family and working to improve our community, but quickly discovered that the politicians in Sacramento were turning our state into a shell of its former self. 

Taxes are out of control and radical anti-business bills are sending jobs to other states. 

That’s why I ran, and why I am running again, because the last thing Washington needs is more career politicians seeking to raise our taxes. We cannot allow what’s happening in Sacramento to happen in Washington. Californians simply cannot afford it.  

The choice facing voters couldn’t be clearer. 

My opponent has barely served one term in Sacramento and in that time told voters she wouldn’t raise taxes and then went to Sacramento voting for $3 billion in higher taxes and supports gutting Proposition 13, which could mean $12 billion in higher property taxes.  

Quite possibly the most devastating legislation in years, Assembly Bill 5, she considers one of her signature accomplishments.

Despite the fact ridesharing in California has led to decreased drunken driving and made it easier for people to travel, including getting seniors to doctor’s appointments, Christy Smith voted for AB5, which could force Uber and Lyft to shut down their California operations, eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs, and end ride share services for millions in our state. 

Even in the face of this devastating impact, Assemblywoman Smith still tries to tell voters that AB5 won’t kill jobs. 

Only a Sacramento politician would have the gall to tell you the sky is green and expect you to believe it.

That’s the key difference.  

I am not a politician. I am a political outsider who believes we need to lower taxes and get rid of politicians – in both parties. 

It’s why I am donating 10% of my congressional salary to different charities every month because I believe in helping everyone regardless of political affiliation. 

It’s why as a military veteran I stood up and said military bases named after Confederate generals must be renamed. 

California is at a crossroads and now more than ever we need leaders in Washington who will look out for the families, the small businesses, the workers and all those who make this state great. 

I am a husband, a father and a patriot who believes in lower taxes and more jobs. 

Serving you in Congress is one of the honors of my life, and I am asking for your vote. 

Mike Garcia is the congressman for California’s 25th Congressional District, which includes the Santa Clarita Valley.

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